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Changing Document Properties
Click the Properties button in
Info gallery
the right pane of the Info gallery
to display the Properties menu
(Figure 1– 66).
Properties button
Show Document
Panel command
Properties menu
Figure 1– 66
Click Show Document Panel on
the Properties menu to close the
Backstage view and display the
Document Information Panel in
the Excel workbook window
(Figure 1– 67).
Why are some of the document
properties in my Document
Information Panel already i lled in?
The person who installed Microsoft
Ofi ce 2010 on your computer or
network may have set or customized
the properties.
Document Information
Panel is displayed at top
of document window
student name
will be typed in
Author text box
course and section
will be typed in
Subject text box
workbook keywords
will be typed in
Keywords text box
Figure 1– 67
necessary, and then type your name
as the Author property. If a name
already is displayed in the Author
text box, delete it before typing
your name.
Click the Author text box, if
Close the Document
Information Panel
student name
course and section
Click the Subject text box, if
necessary delete any existing text,
and then type your course and
section as the Subject property.
appears, click its Yes button.
If an AutoComplete dialog box
Click the Keywords text box, if
Figure 1– 68
necessary delete any existing text,
and then type Lifetime Fundraising Summary as the Keywords property
(Figure 1– 68).
What types of document properties does Excel collect automatically?
Excel records details such as time spent editing a workbook, the number of times a
workbook has been revised, and the fonts and themes used in a workbook.
Other Ways
1. Click File on Ribbon, click
Info in the Backstage
view, if necessary click
Show All Properties
link in Info gallery, click
property to change and
type new information,
close the Backstage view
Click the Close the Document Information Panel button so that the Document Information
Panel no longer is displayed. If a dialog box is displayed, click the No button to close it.
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