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Previewing and Printing a Worksheet
To Preview and Print a Worksheet in Landscape Orientation
With the completed workbook saved, you may want to print it. Because the worksheet is included in a report,
you will print a hard copy on a printer. The following steps print a hard copy of the contents of the Save Sable River
Foundation Lifetime Fundraising Summary worksheet.
preview of how
worksheet will look
when printed in
portrait orientation
File tab
Print button
Click File on the
Ribbon to open the
Backstage view.
Copies box
Click the Print tab in
the Backstage view
to display the Print
gallery (Figure 1– 69).
How can I print
multiple copies of
my worksheet?
Increase the number
in the Copies box in
the Print gallery.
Printer Status
Print tab
Print gallery
several print
and shows
a preview
of how the
will print
Portrait Orientation
What if I decide not
to print the worksheet
at this time?
Click File on the Ribbon
to close the Backstage
view and return to
the Excel workbook
Previous Page button
scrolls backward through
worksheets with multiple
Next Page button scrolls forward through
worksheets with multiple pages
Figure 1– 69
Print button
name that appears
on the Printer Status
button will print a
hard copy of the
document. If necessary,
click the Printer Status
button to display a list
of available printer
options and then click
the desired printer to
change the currently
selected printer.
Verify the printer
worksheet preview
displays in landscape
Click the Portrait
Orientation button in
the Settings area and
then select Landscape
Orientation to change
the orientation of the
page to landscape
and view the entire
worksheet on one
page (Figure 1– 70).
Figure 1– 70
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