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Starting Excel and Opening a Workbook
Click the Print button in the Print
gallery to print the worksheet
in landscape orientation on the
currently selected printer.
When the printer stops, retrieve
the hard copy (Figure 1– 71).
Do I have to wait until my
worksheet is complete to print it?
No, you can follow these steps to
print a document at any time while
you are creating it.
What if I want to print an electronic
image of a worksheet instead of
a hard copy?
You would click the Printer Status
button in the Print gallery and then
select the desired electronic image
option such as a Microsoft XPS Document Writer, which would create an XPS i le.
Figure 1– 71
1 71
Other Ways
1. Press CTRL + P , press ENTER
To Quit Excel
This Save Sable River Foundation workbook now is complete. The following
steps quit Excel if only one workbook is open. For a detailed example of the procedure
summarized below, refer to the Ofi ce 2010 and Windows 7 chapter at the beginning of
this topic.
If you have one Excel workbook open, click the Close button on the right side of the title
bar to close the document and quit Excel; or if you have multiple Excel workbooks open,
click File on the Ribbon to open the Backstage view and then click the Exit button to close
all open workbooks and quit Excel.
If a Microsoft Ofi ce Excel dialog box appears, click the Save button to save any changes
made to the workbook since the last save.
Starting Excel and Opening a Workbook
Once you have created and saved a workbook, you may need to retrieve it from your
storage medium. For example, you might want to revise a worksheet or reprint it.
Opening a workbook requires that Excel is running on your computer.
To Start Excel
Click the Start button on the Windows 7 taskbar to display the Start menu.
Type Microsoft Excel as the search text in the ‘Search programs and i les’ text
box and watch the search results appear on the Start menu.
Click Microsoft Excel 2010 in the search results on the Start menu to start Excel and display
a new blank workbook in the Excel window.
If the Excel window is not maximized, click the Maximize button next to the Close button
on its title bar to maximize the window.
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