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How to Purchase a Notebook Computer
in various offices via a network cable, make sure the notebook
computer you purchase has a network port. If the notebook
computer does not contain a network port, you will have to
purchase an external network card that slides into an expan-
sion slot in your computer, as well as a network cable. You also
may want to consider adding a card reader.
11 Purchase a notebook computer with a
built-in wireless network connection.
A wireless network connection (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
a/b/g/n, WiMAX, etc.) can be useful when you travel or as
part of a home network. Increasingly more airports, hotels,
schools, and caf├ęs have wireless networks that allow you to
connect to the Internet. Many users today are setting up
wireless home networks. With a wireless home network,
your notebook computer can access the Internet, as well as
other computers in the house, from any location to share
files and hardware, such as a printer, and browse the Web.
Most home wireless networks allow connections from
distances of 150 to 800 feet.
7 If you plan to use your notebook computer
for note-taking at school or in meetings,
consider a convertible Tablet PC.
Some computer manufacturers have developed convertible
Tablet PCs that allow the screen to rotate 180 degrees on a
central hinge and then fold down to cover the keyboard
(Figure 47). You then can use a digital pen to enter text or
drawings into the computer by writing on the screen. Some
notebook computers have wide screens for better viewing and
editing, and some even have a screen on top of the unit in
addition to the regular screen. If you spend much of your
time attending lectures or meetings, then the slate Tablet PC
is ideal. With a slate Tablet PC, users can attach a removable
12 If you plan to use your notebook computer
for long periods without access to an electrical
outlet, purchase a second battery.
The trend among notebook computer users today is
power and size over battery life. Many notebook computer
users today are willing to give up longer battery life for a
larger screen, faster processor, and more storage. In addition,
some manufacturers typically sell the notebook computer
with the lowest capacity battery. For this reason, be care-
ful in choosing a notebook computer if you plan to use it
without access to electrical outlets for long periods, such as
an airplane flight. You also might want to purchase a second
battery as a backup. If you anticipate running the notebook
computer on batteries frequently, choose a computer that
uses lithium-ion batteries, which last longer than nickel
cadmium or nickel hydride batteries.
Figure 47 A
convertible Tablet PC.
13 Purchase a well-padded and well-designed
carrying case.
An amply padded carrying case will protect your
notebook computer from the bumps it will receive while
traveling. A well-designed carrying case will have room for
accessories such as spare optical discs, pens, and paperwork
(Figure 48). Although a netbook may be small enough to
fit in a handbag,
make sure that the
bag has sufficient
padding to protect
the computer.
8 If you purchase a Tablet PC, determine
whether you require multi-touch technology.
Newer operating systems now support hardware with
multi-touch technology. If you choose an operating system
that supports this technology, the Tablet PC also must
support this technology.
9 Purchase a notebook computer with an
integrated Web cam.
If you will be using a notebook computer to connect
to the Internet and chat with friends online, consider
purchasing one with an integrated Web cam.
10 Check with your wireless carrier to see if
it offers netbooks for sale.
Most wireless carriers now offer wireless data plans
allowing you to connect to the Internet from almost any-
where with a cell phone signal. Some wireless carriers now
are selling netbooks with built-in capability to connect
wirelessly to the Internet using a wireless data plan.
Figure 48
A well-designed notebook
computer carrying case.
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