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How to Purchase a Smart Phone
How to Purchase a Smart Phone
14 If you plan to connect your notebook
computer to a video projector, make sure the
notebook computer is compatible with the
video projector.
You should check, for example, to be sure that your
notebook computer will allow you to display an image on
the computer screen and projection device at the same
time. Also, ensure that the notebook computer has the ports
required to connect to the video projector. You also may
consider purchasing a notebook computer with a built-in
Web cam for video conferencing purposes.
You probably will use a smart phone more often
than other mobile devices. For this reason, it is
important to choose a phone that is available
through your preferred wireless carrier,
available in your price range, and offers access
to the features you will use most frequently.
This section lists guidelines you should consider
when purchasing a smart phone.
15 For improved security and convenience,
consider a fingerprint reader.
More than half a million notebook computers are stolen or
lost each year. If you have critical information stored on your
notebook computer, consider purchasing one with a fingerprint
reader to protect the data if your computer is stolen or lost
(Figure 49). Fingerprint security offers a level of protection that
extends well beyond the standard password protection. If your
notebook computer is stolen, the odds of recovering it improve
dramatically with anti-theft tracking software. Manufacturers
claim recovery rates of 90 percent or more for notebook com-
puters using their product. For convenience, fingerprint readers
also allow you to log onto several Web sites in lieu of entering
user name and password information.
1 Choose a wireless carrier and plan that
satisfies your needs and budget.
Multiple wireless carriers exist today, and each one offers
a different line of smart phones. For example, the Samsung
Alias is available only through Verizon Wireless. Alternatively,
some smart phones, such as the BlackBerry line of smart
phones, are available from multiple wireless carriers. Before
deciding on a smart phone, you first should research the wire-
less carriers in your area, and be sure to ascertain whether the
coverage is acceptable. Additionally, compare the calling plans
for the various carriers and determine which one best meets
your needs. Once you have determined the wireless carrier
to use, you then can choose from one of their available smart
phones. Once you purchase a smart phone, most carriers
allow you to perform a risk-free evaluation for 30 days. If you
are not satisfied with the phone or its performance, you can
return the phone and pay only for the service you have used.
Figure 49 Fingerprint
reader technology offers
greater security than
2 Decide on the size, style, and weight of the
smart phone that will work best for you.
Smart phones are available in various sizes, weights,
shapes, and colors. Some people prefer larger, heavier
phones because they feel that they are more durable, while
others prefer smaller, lightweight phones for easy portability.
Some smart phones are flip phones, meaning that you have
to open the phone (like a clamshell) to display the screen
and keypad, some open by sliding the phone, and others do
not need to be opened to use them. Figure 51 shows various
smart phone styles.
16 Review the docking capabilities of the
Tablet PC.
The Tablet Technology in the Windows operating system
supports a grab-and-go form of docking, so that you can pick
up and take a docked Tablet PC with you, just as you would
pick up a notepad on your way to a meeting (Figure 50).
Figure 51
Various smart
phone styles.
Figure 50 A Tablet PC
docked to create a desktop computer
with the Tablet PC as the monitor.
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