Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Entering Formulas
With cell G4 selected
type =0.22*( to
begin the formula and
then click cell F4 to
add a cell reference
in the formula
(Figure 2 – 7).
Note: To help you
locate screen elements
that are referenced in
the step instructions,
such as buttons and
commands, this topic
uses red boxes to
point to these screen
cell reference F4
appended to formula
marquee surrounds
selected cell F4
Figure 2–7
(minus sign)
and then click cell C4
to add a subtraction
operator and a
reference to another
cell to the formula.
formula appears
in formula bar
*24.32) to
complete the formula
(Figure 2 – 8).
cell reference C4
added to formula
border of cell and its cell
reference in formulas
are colored green
Figure 2–8
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