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Entering Formulas
Select the source
range, F4:J4 in this
case, and then point
to the i ll handle.
Drag the i ll handle
down through cell J12
and continue to hold
the mouse button to
select the destination
range (Figure 2 – 12).
initial location
of i ll handle
range F4:J4
selected as
source area
i ll handle dragged
through cell J12
Figure 2–12
button to copy the
formulas to the
destination range
(Figure 2 – 13).
How does Excel adjust
the cell references in
the formulas in the
destination area?
Recall that when
you copy a formula,
Excel adjusts the cell
references so that
the new formulas
contain references corresponding to the new location and perform calculations using
the appropriate values. Thus, if you copy downward, Excel adjusts the row portion of cell
references. If you copy across, then Excel adjusts the column portion of cell references. These
cell references are called relative cell references .
Release the mouse
gross pay, federal
tax, state tax, net
pay, and tax %
formulas in range
F4:J4 copied to
range F5:J12
Auto Fill Options button
appears after copying the
range F4:J4 to range F5:J12
Figure 2–13
Other Ways
1. Select source area, click
Copy button (Home tab |
Clipboard group), select
destination area, click
Paste button (Home tab |
Clipboard group)
2. Right-click source area,
click Copy on shortcut
menu, right-click
destination area, click
Paste icon on shortcut
3. Select source area and
then point to border of
range; while holding
down CTRL , drag source
area to destination area
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