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Figure 2 – 14
To Determine the Total Tax %
With the totals in row 13 determined, the next step is to copy the tax % formula in
cell J12 to cell J13 as performed in the following steps.
Select the cell to be copied, J12 in this case, and then point to the i ll handle.
Drag the i ll handle down through cell J13 to copy the formula (Figure 2–15).
Why was the formula I13/F13 not copied to cell J13 earlier?
The formula, I13/F13, was not copied to cell J13 when cell J4 was copied to the range
J5:J12 because both cells involved in the computation (I13 and F13) were blank, or zero,
at the time. A blank cell in Excel has a numerical value of zero, which would have resulted
in an error message in cell J13. Once the totals were determined, both cells I13 and F13
(especially F13, because it is the divisor) had nonzero numerical values.
formula is
formula is
Auto Fill Options button
appears after copying cell J12
to cell J13
Figure 2–15
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