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How to Purchase a Digital Camera
media players sometimes can last for only a few hours on
alkaline batteries, and battery replacement can be costly.
Rechargeable batteries often last longer and create less waste.
If you are not near a power source, you are unable to recharge
the batteries when they die. With alkaline batteries, you sim-
ply can insert new ones and continue enjoying your player.
3 Consider a portable media player that can
play video.
Some users prefer to watch videos on their portable
media player in addition to playing music. You typically can
download videos for portable media players less expensively
than purchasing the movie on a DVD/Blu-ray Disc. Although
the display on a portable media player is small, many still
find entertainment value because they are able to watch
videos while waiting for a bus, on an airplane, or at other
locations where they otherwise might not have anything
to occupy them.
8 Stay within your budget.
As previously mentioned, portable media players are
available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they also are
available with various storage capacities. When shopping for a
portable media player, be realistic when you consider how you
will use the device, as well as how much storage you require.
Purchasing the latest and greatest device is not always the best
option, and the cost can exceed what you care to spend.
4 Read reviews about the sound quality on the
portable media players you are considering.
Sound quality may vary greatly among portable media
players. If you are unable to try the portable media player
before buying it, read reviews and make sure that those
reviewing the devices find the sound quality to be accept-
able. You also may consider purchasing higher-quality
earbuds or headphones to enhance the sound quality.
How to Purchase a Digital Camera
5 Select a size and style that works best for you.
Portable media players are available in various shapes and
styles. For example, Apple offers the iPod shuffle, iPod nano,
iPod classic, and iPod touch (Figure 52). Each type of iPod
varies in size and style, and some have capabilities (such as
video) that others do not. Choose a size and style that meets
your needs and fits your personality.
Both amateur and professional photographers now
are mostly purchasing digital cameras to meet their
photography needs. Because digital cameras with new
and improved features regularly are introduced to the
marketplace, consumers should know how to compare
the differences among the multiple cameras that
are available. This section lists guidelines you should
consider when purchasing a digital camera.
1 Determine the type of digital camera that
meets your needs.
Various types of digital cameras exist, including
point-and-shoot cameras, field cameras, and studio
cameras. Point-and-shoot cameras typically fit in your
pocket and meet the needs of most general consumers.
Field cameras, which often are used by photojournalists, are
portable but flexible. Field cameras allow photographers to
change lenses and use other attachments, and also are more
customizable than point-and-shoot cameras. Studio cameras
are used in photo studios and are stationary. These cameras
give you the widest range of lenses and settings.
Figure 52 Portable media players are available in different
shapes, styles, and colors.
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6 Check out additional memory cards.
Most portable media players have internal storage for your
media files. If you wish to increase the available storage, con-
sider purchasing a portable media player that allows you to
increase storage capacity by inserting memory cards. Similar
to most computers, it is less expensive initially to purchase
the largest amount of storage that you can afford, but it is
helpful to be able to increase your storage at a later date.
2 The digital camera with the highest
resolution is not always the best.
Many consumers mistakenly believe that the digital camera
with the highest resolution is the best camera for their needs.
7 Consider rechargeable batteries.
Although most portable media players include rechargeable
batteries, some still use traditional alkaline batteries. Portable
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