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Using the AVERAGE, MAX, and MIN Functions
Using the AVERAGE, MAX, and MIN Functions
The next step in creating The Mobile Masses Biweekly Payroll Report worksheet is
to compute the average, highest value, and lowest value for the number of dependents
listed in the range C4:C12 using the AVERAGE, MAX, and MIN functions in the range
C14:C16. Once the values are determined for column C, the entries can be copied across
to the other columns.
With Excel, you can enter functions using one of i ve methods: (1) the keyboard
or mouse, (2) the Insert Function box in the formula bar, (3) the Sum menu, (4) the
Sum command (Formulas tab | Function Library group), and (5) the Name box area
in the formula bar (Figure 2–16). The method you choose will depend on your typing
skills and whether you can recall the function name and required arguments.
In the following pages, each of the i rst three methods will be used. The keyboard
and mouse method will be used to determine the average number of dependents (cell C14).
The Insert Function button in the formula bar method will be used to determine the
highest number of dependents (cell C15). The Sum menu method will be used to
determine the lowest number of dependents (cell C16).
Statistical Functions
Excel usually considers a
blank cell to be equal to
0. The statistical functions,
however, ignore blank
cells. Excel thus calculates
the average of three cells
with values of 10, blank,
and 8 to be 9 [(10 + 8) / 2]
and not 6 [(10 + 0 + 8) / 3].
To Determine the Average of a Range of Numbers Using the Keyboard and Mouse
The AVERAGE function sums the numbers in the specii ed range and then divides the sum by the number
of cells with numeric values in the range. The following steps use the AVERAGE function to determine the average
of the numbers in the range C4:C12.
Select the cell to
contain the average,
cell C14 in this case.
=av in the cell
to display the Formula
AutoComplete list.
Press the DOWN ARROW
key to highlight the
required formula
(Figure 2 – 16).
What is happening as
I type?
As you type the equal
sign followed by the
characters in the name
of a function, Excel
displays the Formula
AutoComplete list.
This list contains
those functions that
alphabetically match
the letters you have
typed. Because you
typed =av, Excel
displays all the
functions that begin
with the letters av.
Name box changes to Function
box as soon as = (equal sign) is
entered to start function
=av typed
in cell C14
ScreenTip includes description
of currently selected function
in Formula AutoComplete list
Formula AutoComplete list
Figure 2 – 16
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