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Using the AVERAGE, MAX, and MIN Functions
Formula AutoComplete list to select
the function.
Double-click AVERAGE in the
Enter box
Select the range to be averaged,
C4:C12 in this case, to insert the
range as the argument to the
function (Figure 2 – 17).
As I drag, why does the function in
cell C14 change?
When you click cell C4, Excel
appends cell C4 to the left
parenthesis in the formula bar and
surrounds cell C4 with a marquee.
When you begin dragging, Excel
appends to the argument a colon
(:) and the cell reference of the cell
where the mouse pointer is located.
AVERAGE function with range
to average shows in active cell
and formula bar
ScreenTip indicates arguments
for AVERAGE function
Figure 2 – 17
Click the Enter box to compute
the average of the numbers in the
selected range and display the result
in the selected cell (Figure 2 – 18).
Function box
changes back
to Name box
when cell C14 is active cell, formula
bar displays AVERAGE function
Can I use the arrow keys to
complete the entry instead?
No. When you use Point mode
you cannot use the arrow keys to
complete the entry. While in Point
mode, the arrow keys change the
selected cell reference in the range
you are selecting.
right parenthesis automatically
appended when Enter box is
clicked or ENTER key is pressed
Insert Function box
What is the purpose of the
parentheses in the function?
The AVERAGE function requires
that the argument (in this case, the
range C4:C12) be included within
parentheses following the function
name. Excel automatically appends
the right parenthesis to complete the
AVERAGE function when you click
the Enter box or press the ENTER key.
average number
of dependents
Figure 2 – 18
Other Ways
1. Click Insert Function box
in the formula bar, click
2. Click Sum button arrow
(Home tab | Editing
group), click Average
3. Click Sum button arrow
(Formulas tab | Function
Library group), click
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