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Using the AVERAGE, MAX, and MIN Functions
Click Min to display
the MIN function
in the formula bar
and in the active cell
(Figure 2 – 23).
Why does Excel select
the range C14:C15?
The range C14:C15
automatically selected
by Excel is not correct.
Excel attempts to
guess which cells you
want to include in the
function by looking
for ranges that are
adjacent to the
selected cell and that
contain numeric data.
MIN function appears
in formula bar
Excel selects range
C14:C15 because it
includes numbers and
is adjacent to cell C16
MIN function
appears in
active cell C16
Figure 2 – 23
drag through cell C12
to display the function
with the new range in
the formula bar and
in the selected cell
(Figure 2 – 24).
Click cell C4 and then
Enter box
range C4:C12
selected using
Point mode
selected range
appears in formula
bar and in active cell
Figure 2 – 24
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