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Verifying Formulas Using Range Finder
To Save a Workbook Using the Same File Name
Earlier in this project, an intermediate version of the workbook was saved using
the i le name, The Mobile Masses Biweekly Payroll Report. The following step saves the
workbook a second time, using the same i le name.
Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar to overwrite the previously saved i le.
Break Point: If you wish to take a break, this is a good place to do so. You can quit Excel now. To resume at a later time, start
Excel, open the i le called Mobile Masses Biweekly Payroll Report, and continue following the steps from this location forward.
Verifying Formulas Using Range Finder
Entering Functions
You can drag the Function
Arguments dialog box
(Figure 2 – 20 on page
EX 86) out of the way in
order to select a range.
You also can click the
Collapse Dialog button to
the right of the Number 1
box to hide the Function
Arguments dialog box.
The dialog box then
collapses and the Collapse
Dialog button becomes an
Expand Dialog box button.
After selecting the range,
click the Expand Dialog to
expand the dialog box.
One of the more common mistakes made with Excel is to include a wrong cell reference
in a formula. An easy way to verify that a formula references the cells you want it to
reference is to use the Excel Range Finder. Use Range Finder to check which cells are
referenced in the formula assigned to the active cell. Range Finder allows you to make
immediate changes to the cells referenced in a formula.
To use Range Finder to verify that a formula contains the intended cell references,
double-click the cell with the formula you want to check. Excel responds by highlighting
the cells referenced in the formula so that you can check that the cell references are correct.
To Verify a Formula Using Range Finder
The following steps use Range Finder to check the formula in cell J4.
Double-click cell J4 to
activate Range Finder
(Figure 2 – 29).
cells referenced in
formula in active cell
are highlighted with
corresponding colors
Press the
ESC key to
quit Range Finder and
then click anywhere
in the worksheet, such
as cell A18, to deselect
the current cell.
colors of cell references
correspond to colors of
highlighted cells
Figure 2 – 29
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