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Formatting the Worksheet
6. Average, highest, and lowest rows
a. Font style of row titles in range A14:A16 — bold
b. Numbers — Currency style with l oating dollar sign in the range E14:I16
7. Percentages in column J
a. Numbers — Percentage style with two decimal places
8. Column widths
a. Columns A, B, and C — best i t
b. Column H — 10.22 characters
c. Column D, E, and J — 7.56 characters
9. Row heights
a. Row 3 — 48.00 points
b. Row 14 — 27.00 points
c. Remaining rows — default
To Change the Workbook Theme
The Trek theme includes fonts and colors that provide the worksheet a professional and subtly colored
appearance. The following steps change the workbook theme to the Trek theme.
Page Layout tab
Themes button
Display the Page
Layout tab.
Click the Themes
button (Page Layout
tab | Themes group)
to display the Themes
Themes gallery
Scroll to the bottom
of the gallery
(Figure 2 – 31).
Point to several
themes in the
Themes gallery
to see a live preview
of the themes.
Why should I change
the theme of a
A company or
department may
standardize on a
specii c theme so that
all of their documents have a similar appearance. Similarly, an individual may want to have
a theme that sets his or her work apart from the work of others. Other Ofi ce programs,
such as Word and PowerPoint, include the same themes included with Excel, meaning that
all of your Microsoft Ofi ce documents can share a common theme.
Figure 2 – 31
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