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Formatting the Worksheet
What is the effect of clicking the Decrease Font Size button?
When you click the Decrease Font Size button, Excel assigns the next lowest font size in the Font
Size gallery to the selected range. The Increase Font Size button works in a similar manner but
causes Excel to assign the next highest font size in the Font Size gallery to the selected range.
Color Selection
Knowing how people
perceive colors helps you
emphasize parts of your
worksheet. Warmer colors
(red and orange) tend to
reach toward the reader.
Cooler colors (blue, green,
and violet) tend to pull
away from the reader.
Bright colors jump out of a
dark background and are
easiest to see. White or
yellow text on a dark blue,
green, purple, or black
background is ideal.
Decrease Font Size button
Cell Styles button
Increase Font Size button
Merge and Center button
font size of
Figure 2 – 33
To Change the Background Color and Apply a Box Border to the Worksheet
Title and Subtitle
The i nal formats assigned to the worksheet title and subtitle are the orange background color and thick box
border (Figure 2 – 30b on page EX 92). The following steps complete the formatting of the worksheet titles.
Home tab
Fill Color
button arrow
Select the range
A1:A2 and then click
the Fill Color button
arrow (Home tab |
Font group) to display
the Fill Color gallery
(Figure 2 – 34).
desired background color
Font group
Point to a number of
Fill Color gallery
colors in the Fill Color
gallery to display a live
preview of the color in
the range A1:A2.
range A1:A2
is active range
Figure 2 – 34
Click Orange,
Accent 1, Lighter 60%
(column 5, row 3)
in the Fill Color
gallery to change the
background color
of the range of cells
(Figure 2 – 35).
background of range
A1:A2 is orange
Figure 2 – 35
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