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Formatting the Worksheet
To Apply a Cell Style to the Column Headings and Format
the Total Rows
Background Colors
The most popular
background color is blue.
Research shows that
the color blue is used
most often because this
color connotes serenity,
rel ection, and proi ciency.
As shown in Figure 2 – 30b on page EX 92, the column titles (row 3) should have
the Heading 3 cell style and the totals row (row 13) should have the Total cell style. The
summary information headings in the range A14:A16 should be bold. The following steps
assign these styles and formats to row 3 and row 13 and the range A14:A16.
Select the range to be formatted, cells A3:J3 in this case.
Apply the Heading 3 cell style to the range A3:J3.
Click the Center button (Home tab | Alignment group) to center the column headings.
Apply the Total cell style to the range A13:J13.
Bold the range A14:A16 (Figure 2 – 38).
Format Cells:Number Dialog
Box Launcher button
Bold button
Center button
Home tab
Alignment group
column headings
formatted with
Heading 3 cell style
total row formatted
with Total cell style
range A14:A16
formatted bold
Figure 2 – 38
To Format Dates and Center Data in Cells
With the column titles and total rows formatted, the next step is to format the dates in column B and center
the dependents in column C. The following steps format the dates in the range B4:B12 and center the data in the
range C4:C12.
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