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Formatting the Worksheet
Conditional Formatting
The next step is to emphasize the values greater than 70 in column D by formatting
them to appear with an orange background and white font color (Figure 2 – 48).
Establish rules for conditional formatting.
Excel lets you apply formatting that appears only when the value in a cell meets conditions
that you specify. This type of formatting is called conditional formatting . You can apply
conditional formatting to a cell, a range of cells, the entire worksheet, or the entire
workbook. Usually, you apply conditional formatting to a range of cells that contains
values you want to highlight, if conditions warrant.
Conditional Formatting
You can assign any
format to a cell, a range
of cells, a worksheet,
or an entire workbook
conditionally. If the value
of the cell changes and
no longer meets the
specii ed condition, Excel
suppresses the conditional
condition , which is made up of two values and a relational operator, is true or false for each
cell in the range. If the condition is true, then Excel applies the formatting. If the condition is
false, then Excel suppresses the formatting. What makes conditional formatting so powerful
is that the cell’s appearance can change as you enter new values in the worksheet.
As with worksheet formatting, follow the less-is-more rule when considering conditional
formatting. Use conditional formatting to make cells and ranges stand out and raise
attention. Too much conditional formatting can result in confusion for the reader of the
To Apply Conditional Formatting
The following steps assign conditional formatting to the range D4:D12, so that any cell value greater than 70
will cause Excel to display the number in the cell with an orange background and a white font color.
Formatting button
Select the range
Click the Conditional
Styles group
Formatting button
(Home tab | Styles
group) to display
the Conditional
Formatting list
(Figure 2 – 48).
Formatting list
New Rule
Figure 2 – 48
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