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Formatting the Worksheet
Release the mouse
button to change the
column widths.
widths of columns
D, E, and J set to
7.56 characters
width of columns
A, B, and C set to
best i t
If necessary, scroll the
worksheet to the left
so that the left border
of column A is visible.
Click anywhere
in the worksheet,
such as cell A18, to
deselect the columns
(Figure 2 – 57).
Width of column
H set to 10.22
Other Ways
1. Right-click column
heading or drag
through multiple
column headings and
right-click, click Column
Width on shortcut
menu, enter desired
column width, click OK
Figure 2 – 57
To Change the Heights of Rows
When you increase the font size of a cell entry, such as the title in cell A1, Excel automatically increases the
row height to best i t so that it can display the characters properly. Recall that Excel did this earlier when multiple
lines were entered in a cell in row 3, and when the cell style of the worksheet title and subtitle was changed.
You also can increase or decrease the height of a row manually to improve the appearance of the worksheet.
The following steps improve the appearance of the worksheet by increasing the height of row 3 to 48.00 points and
increasing the height of row 14 to 27.00 points.
Point to the boundary
below row heading 3.
Drag down until the
ScreenTip indicates
Height: 48.00
(64 pixels). Do not
release the mouse
button (Figure 2 – 58).
ScreenTip shows
proposed height
of row 3
current bottom
border of row 3
dotted line shows
proposed bottom
border of row 3
Figure 2 – 58
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