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Formatting the Worksheet
Release the mouse
button to change the
row height.
row 3 height
is 48.00 points
Point to the boundary
below row heading 14.
Drag down until the
ScreenTip indicates
Height: 27.00
(36 pixels). Do not
release the mouse
button (Figure 2 – 59).
current bottom
border of row 14
ScreenTip shows
proposed height
of row 14
dotted line shows
proposed bottom
border of row 14
mouse pointer
Figure 2 – 59
Release the mouse
button to change the
row height.
of worksheet
Click anywhere in the
worksheet, such as
cell A18, to deselect
the current cell
(Figure 2 – 60).
Can I hide a row?
Yes. As with column
widths, when you
decrease the row
height to 0, the row
is hidden. To instruct
Excel to display a
hidden row, position
the mouse pointer
just below the row
heading boundary
where the row is
hidden and then
drag down. To set a
row height to best
i t, double-click the
bottom boundary of
the row heading.
row 14
height is
27.00 points
added white space
in row 14 improves
appearance of
Figure 2 – 60
Other Ways
1. Right-click row heading
or drag through multiple
row headings and right-
click, click Row Height
on shortcut menu, enter
desired row height, click
OK button
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