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Preparing to Print the Worksheet
Margins button
Page Layout tab
Display the Page
Layout tab.
Click the Margins
button (Page Layout
tab | Page Setup
group) to display
the Margins gallery
(Figure 2 – 64).
Margins gallery
worksheet margins set
to Normal margin style
Narrow margin
pound signs indicated data
is too large to display in the
cell in Page Layout view
Figure 2 – 64
Margins gallery to
change the worksheet
margins to the Narrow
margin style.
Click Narrow in the
new page
header displays
in Header area
Header area
Drag the scroll bar
on the right side of
the worksheet to the
top so that row 1
of the worksheet is
worksheet margins set
to Narrow margin style
and column H now is
displayed on i rst page
worksheet title in
cell A1 in the
center area of
the Header area.
Click above the
Snyder and then
press the ENTER
key. Type Chief
Financial Officer to complete the worksheet header (Figure 2 – 65).
What else can I place in a header?
You can add text, page number information, date and time information, the i le path of the
workbook, the i le name of the workbook, the sheet name of the workbook, and pictures to
a header.
Figure 2 – 65
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