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Preparing to Print the Worksheet
Orientation button
Page Layout tab
Select cell B16 to
deselect the header.
Click the Orientation
button (Page Layout
tab | Page Setup
group) to display the
Orientation gallery
(Figure 2 – 66).
Why do I need to
deselect the header?
Excel disables almost
all of the buttons
on the Ribbon as
you edit a header or
footer. In addition
to the commands
on the Design tab
(Figure 2 – 65 on the
previous page), only a
few commands remain
available on the Home
tab on the Ribbon. To continue working in Excel, therefore, you should select a cell in the
worksheet so that all of the commands on the Ribbon are available for your use.
Page Setup group
worksheet set to print
in Portrait orientation
Figure 2 – 66
Click Landscape in
the Orientation
gallery to change
the worksheet’s
to landscape
(Figure 2 – 67).
worksheet set to
print in Landscape
Do I need to change
the orientation
every time I want to
print the worksheet?
No. Once you change
the orientation and
save the workbook,
Excel will save the
orientation setting
for that workbook
until you change it.
When you open a new
workbook, Excel sets
the orientation to
Figure 2 – 67
Other Ways
1. Click Page Setup Dialog
Box Launcher (Page
Layout tab | Page Setup
group), click Page tab
(Page Setup dialog
box), click Portrait or
Landscape, click OK
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