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Printing the Worksheet
To Print a Section of the Worksheet
You might not always want to print the entire worksheet. You can print portions of the worksheet by selecting
the range of cells to print and then clicking the Selection option button in the Print what area in the Print dialog
box. The following steps print the range A3:F16.
Print button
Select the range to
print, cells A3:F16 in
this case.
Click File on the
Ribbon to open the
Backstage view.
Print tab
Click the Print tab
to display the Print
Print Active
Sheets button
Click Print Active
Sheets in the Settings
area (Print tab | Print
gallery) to display a
list of options that
determine what
Excel should print
(Figure 2 – 69).
Print Selection button
Figure 2 – 69
Click Print Selection
to instruct Excel to
print only the selected
header prints
Click the Print
button in the Print
gallery to print the
selected range of the
worksheet on the
currently selected
printer (Figure 2 – 70).
selected range
Click the Normal
button on the status
bar to return to
Normal view.
Figure 2 – 70
Click cell A18 to
deselect the range A3:F16.
What are my options for telling Excel what to print?
Excel includes three options to allow you to determine what should be printed (Figure 2 – 69).
As shown in the previous steps, the Print Selection button instructs Excel to print the
selected range. The Print Active Sheets button instructs Excel to print the active worksheet
(the worksheet currently on the screen) or the selected worksheets. Finally, the Print Entire
Workbook button instructs Excel to print all of the worksheets in the workbook.
Other Ways
1. Select range, click Print
Area button (Page
Layout tab | Page Setup
group), click Set Print
Area, click Quick Print
button on Quick Access
Toolbar, click Print Area,
click Clear Print Area
2. Select range, click Print
Area button (Page
Layout tab | Page Setup
group), click Set Print
Area, click File tab to
open Backstage view,
click Print tab, click
Print button
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