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8. Print the range A3:D16. Press ctrl+accent mark ( `) to change the display from the values
version of the worksheet to the formulas version. Print the formulas version in landscape
orientation on one page (Figure 2 – 74) by using the Fit to option in the Page sheet in the Page
Setup dialog box. Press ctrl+accent mark ( `) to change the display of the worksheet back to
the values version. Close the workbook without saving it.
9. Submit the workbook and results as specii ed by your instructor.
Figure 2 – 74
Extend Your Knowledge
Extend the skills you learned in this chapter and experiment with new skills. You may need to
use Help to complete the assignment.
Applying Conditional Formatting to Cells
Instructions: Start Excel. Open the workbook Extend 2-1 State Wildlife Department Employee Ratings.
See the inside back cover of this topic for instructions for downloading the Data Files for Students, or
see your instructor for information on accessing the i les required in this topic. Perform the following
tasks to apply three types of conditional formatting to cells in a worksheet:
1. Select the range C4:C18. Click the Conditional Formatting button (Home tab | Styles group) and
then click New Rule in the Conditional Formatting list. Select ‘Format only top or bottom ranked
values’ in the Select a Rule Type area (Conditional Formatting Rules Manager dialog box), as shown
in Figure 2–75. Enter any value between 10 and 25 in the text box in the Edit the Rule Description
(New Formatting Rule dialog box) area, and click the ‘% of the selected range’ check box to select it.
Click the Format button, and choose a blue background to assign this conditional format. Click the
OK button in each dialog box and view the worksheet.
2. With range C4:C18 selected, apply a conditional format to the range that uses a green background
color to highlight cells with scores that are below average.
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