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2. Use the ctrl key and mouse to select the nonadjacent chart ranges A4:A10 and G4:G10. That is,
select the range A4:A10 and while holding down the ctrl key, select the range G4:G10.
3. Click the Bar button (Insert tab | Charts group) and then select Clustered Bar in 3-D in the 3-D
Bar area. When the chart is displayed on the worksheet, click the Move Chart button (Chart Tools
Design tab | Location group). When the Move Chart dialog box appears, click New sheet and then
type Bar Chart for the sheet name. Click the OK button (Move Chart dialog box). Change the
sheet tab color to the Green standard color.
4. When the chart is displayed on the new worksheet, click the Series 1 series label and then press
the delete key to delete it. Click the chart area, which is a blank area near the edge of the chart,
click the Shape Fill button (Chart Tools Format tab | Shape Styles group), and then select
Orange, Accent 1, Lighter 60% in the gallery (column 5, row 3). Click one of the bars in the
chart. Click the Shape Fill button (Chart Tools Format tab | Shape Styles group) and then select
the Green standard color. Click the Chart Title button (Chart Tools Layout tab | Labels group)
and then select Above Chart in the Chart Title gallery. If necessary, use the scroll bar on the right
side of the worksheet to scroll to the top of the chart. Click the edge of the chart title to select it
and then type Accounts Receivable as the chart title.
5. Drag the Accounts Receivable tab at the bottom of the worksheet to the left of the Bar Chart tab to
reorder the sheets in the workbook. Preview and print the chart.
6. Click the Accounts Receivable sheet tab. Change the following beginning balances: customer
Oliver Danielsson to $702.13 and customer Lin Tuan to $482.74. The company also decided to
change the service charge from 3.25% to 2.75% for all customers. After copying the adjusted
formula in cell F4 to the range F5:F10, click the Auto Fill Options button and then click Fill
without Formatting to maintain the original formatting in the range F5:F10. The total new balance
in cell G11 should equal $3,720.82.
7. Select both sheets by holding down the shift key and then clicking the Bar Chart tab. Preview
and print the selected sheets. Save the workbook. Submit the assignment as specii ed by your
In the Lab
Lab 2: Sales Summary Worksheet
Problem: You have been asked to build a
worksheet for a start-up company, Electry
Auto, that analyzes the i nancing needs for
the company’s i rst six months in business.
The company plans to begin operations
in January with an initial investment of
$500,000.00. The expected revenue and
costs for the company’s i rst six months
are shown in Table 2 – 7. The desired
worksheet is shown in Figure 2 – 79 on the
following page. The initial investment is
shown at the starting balance for January
(cell B4). The amount of i nancing required by the company is shown as the lowest ending balance
(cell F12).
Table 2 – 7 Electry Auto Start-Up Financing Needs Data
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