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Instructions Part 1:
Perform the following tasks to build the worksheet shown in Figure 2 – 79.
Figure 2 – 79
1. Start Excel. Apply the Concourse theme to a new workbook.
2. Increase the width of column A to 10.00 and the width of columns B through F to 14.00.
3. Enter the worksheet title Electry Auto in cell A1 and the worksheet subtitle Start-Up
Financing Needs in cell A2. Enter the column titles in row 3, as shown in Figure 2 – 79. In
row 3, use alt+enter to start a new line in a cell.
4. Enter the start-up i nancing needs data described in Table 2 – 7 in columns A, C, and D in rows 4
through 9. Enter the initial starting balance (cell B4) of 500000.00. Enter the row titles in the range
A10:A12, as shown in Figure 2 – 79.
5. For the months of February through March, the starting balance is equal to the previous month’s
ending balance. Obtain the starting balance for February by setting the starting balance of
February to the ending balance of January. Use a cell reference rather than typing in the data. Copy
the formula for February to the remaining months.
6. Obtain the net income amounts in column E by subtracting the costs in column D from the
revenues in column C. Enter the formula in cell E4 and copy it to the range E5:E9. Obtain the
ending balance amounts in column F by adding the starting balance in column B to the net income
in column F. Enter the formula in cell F4 and copy it to the range F5:F9.
7. In the range B10:B12, use the AVERAGE, MAX, and MIN functions to determine the average
value, highest value, and lowest value in the range B4:B9. Copy the range B10:B12 to the range
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