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Office 2010 and Windows 7
Ofi ce 2010 and Windows 7:
Essential Concepts and Skills
Ofi ce 2010 and Windows 7
This introductory chapter covers features and functions common to Ofi ce 2010
programs, as well as the basics of Windows 7.
As you read this chapter, you will learn how to perform basic tasks in Windows and
Ofi ce programs by performing these general activities:
Start programs using Windows.
Use features common across Ofi ce programs.
Organize i les and folders.
Change screen resolution.
Quit Ofi ce programs.
Introduction to the Windows 7 Operating System
Windows 7 is the newest version of Microsoft Windows, which is the most popular
and widely used operating system. An operating system is a computer program (set of
computer instructions) that coordinates all the activities of computer hardware such as
memory, storage devices, and printers, and provides the capability for you to communicate
with the computer.
The Windows 7 operating system simplii es the process of working with documents
and programs by organizing the manner in which you interact with the computer.
Windows 7 is used to run application software , which consists of programs designed
to make users more productive and/or assist them with personal tasks, such as word
Windows 7 has two interface variations, Windows 7 Basic and Windows 7 Aero.
Computers with up to 1 GB of RAM display the Windows 7 Basic interface (Figure 1a).
Computers with more than 1 GB of RAM also can display the Windows Aero interface
(Figure 1b), which provides an enhanced visual appearance. The Windows 7 Professional,
Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Home Premium, and Windows 7 Ultimate editions
have the capability to use Windows Aero.
Using a Mouse
Windows users work with a mouse that has at least two buttons. For a right-handed
user, the left button usually is the primary mouse button, and the right mouse button is
the secondary mouse button. Left-handed people, however, can reverse the function of
these buttons.
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