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Cases and Places
Cases and Places
Apply your creative thinking and problem-solving skills to design and implement a solution.
1: Analyzing Emergency Student Loans
The Student Assistance ofi ce at your school provides emergency loans at simple interest. The data
obtained from six types of loans and the desired report format are shown in Table 2 – 9. The required
formulas are shown in Table 2 – 10. Use the concepts and techniques presented in this chapter to
create and format the worksheet. Include total, average, maximum, and minimum values for Principal,
Interest, and Amount Due.
Table 2 – 9 Emergency Student Loan Data and Worksheet Layout
Loan Type
Time in Years
Academic Supplies
Medical Emergency
Personal Emergency
Room and Board
Travel Expenses
Tuition Reimbursement
Table 2 – 10 Emergency Student Loan Formulas
Interest = Principal × Rate × Time
Amount Due = Principal + Interest
Average = AVERAGE function
Minimum = MIN function
Maximum = MAX function
2: Analyzing Energy Consumption
Your parents believe that your late night studying sessions and household appliance usage contribute
to excessive electricity bills. You have decided to try to prove them wrong by analyzing your daily and
monthly electricity consumption. You research the energy consumption of your personal items and
appliance usage to obtain consumption costs per hour for each item. Table 2 – 11 contains the data and
format for the report you want to create.
Use the concepts and techniques presented in this project to create and format the worksheet.
Include an embedded 3-D Pie chart that shows the cost per month. Use Microsoft Excel Help to create a
professional looking 3-D Pie chart with title and data labels.
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