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Rotating Text and Using the Fill Handle to Create a Series
To Enter the Worksheet Titles, Change Document Properties,
Apply a Theme, and Save the Workbook
For an introduction
to Ofi ce 2010 and
instruction about
how to perform
basic tasks in Ofi ce
2010 programs, read
the Ofi ce 2010 and
Windows 7 chapter
at the beginning of
this topic, where you
can learn how to start
a program, use the
Ribbon, save a i le,
open a i le, quit a
program, use Help,
and much more.
The worksheet contains two titles, initially in cells A8 and A9. In the previous
chapters, titles were centered across the worksheet. With large worksheets that extend
beyond the size of a window, it is best to enter titles left-aligned as shown in the sketch of
the worksheet in Figure 3 – 3a because the worksheet prints with the title on the i rst page
if the worksheet requires multiple pages, and the user more easily i nds the worksheet
title when necessary. The following steps enter the worksheet titles, change the workbook
theme to Opulent, change document properties, and then save the workbook.
Select cell A8 and then type Modern Music Shops as the worksheet title.
Select cell A9 and then type Six-Month Financial Projection as the
worksheet subtitle and then press the ENTER key to enter the worksheet subtitle.
Change the document properties as specii ed by your instructor.
Apply the Opulent theme to the workbook.
With a USB l ash drive connected to one of the computer’s USB ports, click the Save
button on the Quick Access Toolbar to display the Save As dialog box.
The Ribbon and Screen
Excel may change how
the groups and buttons
within the groups appear
on the Ribbon, depending
on the computer’s screen
resolution. Thus, your
Ribbon may look different
from the ones in this topic
if you are using a screen
resolution other than
1024 x 768.
Type Modern Music Shops Six-Month Financial Projection in
the File name text box to change the i le name. Do not press the ENTER key after typing
the i le name because you do not want to close the dialog box at this time.
Navigate to the desired save location (in this case, the Excel folder in the CIS 101 folder
[or your class folder] on the USB l ash drive).
Click the Save button (Save As dialog box) to save the document in the selected folder
on the selected drive with the entered i le name.
Rotating Text and Using the Fill
Handle to Create a Series
The data on the worksheet, including month names and the What-If Assumptions section,
now can be added to the worksheet.
For a complete
list of the BTWs
found in the
margins of
this topic, visit
the Excel 2010
BTW Web page
Plan the layout of the worksheet.
Excel allows you to rotate text in a cell. Rotated text often provides a strong visual appeal.
Rotated text also allows you to i t more text into a smaller column width. Chapters 1 and 2
used the i ll handle to copy a cell or a range of cells to adjacent cells. The i ll handle also
allows creation of a series of numbers, dates, or month names automatically. Using the i ll
handle in this way eliminates the need to type in such data, saving time and eliminating
typographical errors.
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