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Rotating Text and Using the Fill Handle to Create a Series
Click the 45° point
in the Orientation
area (Format Cells
dialog box) to move
the Text hand in the
Orientation area
to the 45° point
and to display a
new orientation in
the Degrees box
(Figure 3 – 5).
45° point
Text hand
Degrees box
OK button
Figure 3 –5
Click the OK button
to rotate the text in
the active cell and
automatically increase
the height of the
current row to best i t
the rotated text.
on the lower-right
corner of cell B10 to
display the crosshair
mouse pointer in
preparation of i lling
the month series
(Figure 3 – 6).
Point to the i ll handle
text in cell B10
rotated 45°
height of row 10 automatically
changed to best i t to display
rotated text
crosshair mouse
pointer pointing
to i ll handle
Figure 3 –6
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