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Rotating Text and Using the Fill Handle to Create a Series
Drag the i ll handle to
the right to select the
range to i ll, C10:G10
in this case. Do not
release the mouse
button (Figure 3 – 7).
i ll handle dragged
to cell G10
ScreenTip indicates
proposed value of
rightmost cell
Figure 3 –7
Release the mouse
button to create a
month name series
in the selected range
and copy the format
of the selected cell to
the selected range.
Options button
below the lower-right
corner of the i ll area
to display the Auto
Fill Options menu
(Figure 3 – 8).
What if I do not want
to copy the format of
cell B10 during the
auto i ll operation?
In addition to creating
a series of values,
dragging the i ll
handle instructs Excel
to copy the format of
cell B10 to the range
C10:G10. With some
i ll operations, you
may not want to copy
the formats of the
source cell or range to the destination cell or range. If this is the case, click the Auto Fill
Options button after the range i lls and then select the option you desire on the Auto Fill
Options menu (Figure 3 – 8).
Click the Auto Fill
format of cell B10
applied to range
months propagated
using i ll handle
Auto Fill Options
Auto Fill Options
Figure 3 –8
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