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Rotating Text and Using the Fill Handle to Create a Series
Custom Fill Sequences
You can create your own
custom lists for use with the
i ll handle. For example, if
you often type in the same
list of products or names
into Excel, you can create
a custom i ll sequence.
You then can type the
i rst product or name and
then use the i ll handle
automatically to i ll in the
remaining products or
names. To create a custom
i ll sequence, open the
Excel Options dialog box by
clicking the Options button
in the Backstage view. Click
the Advanced tab (Excel
Options dialog box) and
then click the Edit Custom
Lists button (Excel Options
dialog box).
Table 3 – 3 Examples of Series Using the Fill Handle
Contents of Cell(s) Copied
Using the Fill Handle
Next Three Values of Extended Series
5:00, 6:00, 7:00
Qtr3, Qtr4, Qtr1
Quarter 1
Quarter 2, Quarter 3, Quarter 4
22-Jul, 22-Sep
22-Nov, 22-Jan, 22-Mar
2012, 2013
2014, 2015, 2016
1, 2
3, 4, 5
625, 600
575, 550, 525
Tue, Wed, Thu
Sunday, Tuesday
Thursday, Saturday, Monday
4th Section
5th Section, 6th Section, 7th Section
205, 208
211, 214, 217
To Increase Column Widths
In Chapter 2, you increased column widths after the values were entered into the worksheet. Sometimes,
you may want to increase the column widths before you enter the values and, if necessary, adjust them later. The
following steps increase the column widths.
Move the mouse
pointer to the
boundary between
column heading A
and column heading B
so that the mouse
pointer changes to
a split double arrow
in preparation of
adjusting the column
split double arrow
mouse pointer
Drag the mouse
pointer to the right
until the ScreenTip
displays the desired
column width, Width:
36.00 (293 pixels)
in this case. Do not
release the mouse
button (Figure 3 – 9).
proposed width
of column A
Figure 3 –9
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