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Copying a Range of Cells to a Nonadjacent Destination Area
Paste button
Home tab
Click the Paste button (Home tab |
Clipboard group) to copy the
values and formats of the last item
placed on the Ofi ce Clipboard,
range A16:A20 in this case, to the
destination area, A2:A6 in this case
(Figure 3 – 13).
What if data already existed in the
destination area?
When you complete a copy,
the values and formats in the
destination area are replaced with
the values and formats of the
source area. Any data contained
in the destination area prior to
the copy and paste is lost. If you
accidentally delete valuable data,
immediately click the Undo button
on the Quick Access Toolbar.
Paste button arrow
destination area
range A2:A6
Paste Options
ESC key to remove the
marquee from the source area and
disable the Paste button (Home tab |
Clipboard group).
Press the
source area range
Figure 3 –13
Other Ways
1. Right-click source area, click
Copy on shortcut menu,
right-click destination
area, click Paste icon on
shortcut menu
2. Select source area and
point on border of range;
while holding down CTRL
key, drag source area to
destination area
3. Select source area, press
CTRL + C , select destination
area, press CTRL + V
Using the Paste Options Menu
After you click the Paste button, Excel immediately displays the Paste Options
button, as shown in Figure 3 – 13. If you click the Paste Options button arrow and
select an option on the Paste Options gallery, Excel modii es the most recent paste
operation based on your selection. Table 3 – 4 summarizes the options available on the
Paste Options gallery. When the Paste Options button is visible, you can use shortcut
keys to access the paste commands available in the Paste Options gallery. Additionally,
you can use combinations of the options in the Paste Options gallery to customize your
paste operation. That is, after clicking one of the icons in the Paste Options gallery,
you can open the gallery again to further adjust your paste operation. The Paste button
(Home tab | Clipboard group) includes an arrow that, when clicked, displays the same
options as does the Paste Options button arrow.
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