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Inserting and Deleting Cells in a Worksheet
Format Cells
dialog box
Click Format Cells on the shortcut
menu to display the Format Cells
dialog box.
Number tab
(Format Cells dialog box) to display
the Number sheet.
If necessary, click the Number tab
Sample of system
date in cell I11 using
selected format
Date category
Click Date in the Category list (Format
Cells dialog box) to display the types
of date formats in the Type list. Scroll
down in the Type list and then click
3/14/2001 to display a sample of the
data in the active cell, I11 in this
case, using the selected format in
the Sample area (Figure 3–23).
desired format type
Why do the dates in the Type box
show March 14, 2001 instead of the
current date?
The date March 14, 2001 is used as
a sample date in the Format cells
dialog box.
OK button
Figure 3–23
Click the OK button (Format Cells
dialog box) to display the system
date in the format mm/dd/yyyy.
Excel displays
system date with
mm/dd/yyyy format
Double-click the border between
columns I and J to change the
width of the column to best i t
(Figure 3 – 24).
How does Excel format a date?
In Figure 3 – 24, the date is displayed
right-aligned in the cell because
Excel treats a date as a number formatted to display as a date. If you assign the General
format (Excel’s default format for numbers) to a date in a cell, the date is displayed as
a number with two decimal places. For example, if the system time and date is 9:00 AM
on November 13, 2012 and the cell containing the NOW function is assigned the General
format, then Excel displays the following number in the cell:
Figure 3 –24
Other Ways
Number of days since
Time of day is 9:00 AM
1. Click Date & Time
(Formulas tab | Function
Library group), click
(not a volatile date)
3. Press CTRL + SHIFT + #
to format date to
December 31, 1899
(Portion of day complete)
The whole number portion of the number (41226) represents the number of days since
December 31, 1899. The decimal portion of the number (.375) represents 9:00 AM as the
time of day, at which point 37.5% of the day is complete. To assign the General format to
a cell, click General in the Category list in the Format Cells dialog box (Figure 3 – 23).
Break Point: If you wish to stop working through the chapter at this point, you can quit Excel now and then resume the
project at a later point in time by starting Excel, opening the i le called Modern Music Shops Six-Month Financial Projection,
and continuing to follow the steps from this location forward.
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