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Office 2010 and Windows 7
a shortcut key or keyboard shortcut . Some shortcut keys consist of a single key, such as
the f 1 key. For example, to obtain help about Windows 7, you can press the f 1 key. Other
shortcut keys consist of multiple keys, in which case a plus sign separates the key names,
such as ctrl+esc . This notation means to press and hold down the i rst key listed, press
one or more additional keys, and then release all keys. For example, to display the Start
menu, press ctrl+esc , that is, hold down the ctrl key, press the esc key, and then
release both keys.
Starting Windows 7
It is not unusual for multiple people to use the same computer in a work,
educational, recreational, or home setting. Windows 7 enables each user to establish a
user account , which identii es to Windows 7 the resources, such as programs and storage
locations, a user can access when working with a computer.
Each user account has a user name and may have a password and an icon, as well.
A user name is a unique combination of letters or numbers that identii es a specii c
user to Windows 7. A password is a private combination of letters, numbers, and special
characters associated with the user name that allows access to a user’s account resources.
A user icon is a picture associated with a user name.
When you turn on a computer, an introductory screen consisting of the Windows
logo and copyright messages is displayed. The Windows logo is animated and glows as
the Windows 7 operating system is loaded. After the Windows logo appears, depending
on your computer’s settings, you may or may not be required to log on to the computer.
Logging on to a computer opens your user account and makes the computer available
for use. If you are required to log on to the computer, the Welcome screen is displayed,
which shows the user names of users on the computer (Figure 3). Clicking the user name
or picture begins the process of logging on to the computer.
Welcome screen
Note: To help you
locate screen elements
that are referenced in
the step instructions,
such as buttons and
commands, this topic
uses red boxes to
point to these screen
SC Series icon
Ease of access
Windows 7 logo
Shut down
options button
Shut down
Figure 3
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