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Making Decisions — The IF Function
To Determine Row Totals in Nonadjacent Cells
Error Messages
When Excel cannot
calculate a formula, it
displays an error message
in a cell. These error
messages always begin
with a number sign (#).
The more commonly
occurring error messages
are as follows: #DIV/0!
(tries to divide by zero);
#NAME? (uses a name
Excel does not recognize);
#N/A (refers to a value
not available); #NULL!
(specii es an invalid
intersection of two areas);
#NUM! (uses a number
incorrectly); #REF (refers
to a cell that is not valid);
#VALUE! (uses an incorrect
argument or operand);
and ##### (refers to
cells not wide enough to
display entire entry).
The following steps determine the row totals in column H. To determine the row
totals using the Sum button, select only the cells in column H containing numbers in
adjacent cells to the left. If, for example, you select the range H14:H25, Excel will display
0s as the sum of empty rows in cells H16, H17, and H24.
Select the range H14:H15. While holding down the CTRL key, select the range H18:H23 and
cell H25, as shown in Figure 3 – 34.
Click the Sum button (Home tab | Editing group) to display the row totals in the selected
ranges (Figure 3 – 34).
Home tab
Sum button
Editing group
projected six-month
cost of goods sold,
gross margin,
expenses by category,
and operating income
Figure 3–34
To Unfreeze the Worksheet Titles and Save the Workbook
All the text, data, and formulas have been entered into the worksheet. The following
steps unfreeze the titles to allow you to work with the worksheet without frozen rows and
columns, and save the workbook using its current i le name, Modern Music Shops Six-Month
Financial Projection.
Press CTRL + HOME to select cell B13 and view the upper-left corner of the screen.
Display the View tab and then click the Freeze Panes button (View tab | Window group)
to display the Freeze Panes gallery.
Click Unfreeze Panes in the Freeze Panes gallery to unfreeze the frozen columns and rows.
Display the Home tab and then click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar to save
the workbook.
Why does pressing CTRL + HOME select cell B13?
When the titles are frozen and you press CTRL + HOME , Excel selects the upper-left cell of
the unfrozen section of the worksheet. For example, in Step 1 of the previous steps, Excel
selected cell B13. When the titles are unfrozen, pressing CTRL + HOME selects cell A1.
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