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Office 2010 and Windows 7
At the bottom of the Welcome screen is the ‘Ease of access’ button, Windows 7
logo, a Shut down button, and a ‘Shut down options’ button. The following list identii es
the functions of the buttons and commands that typically appear on the Welcome screen:
Clicking the ‘Ease of access’ button displays the Ease of Access Center, which
provides tools to optimize your computer to accommodate the needs of the
mobility, hearing, and vision impaired users.
Clicking the Shut down button shuts down Windows 7 and the computer.
Clicking the ‘Shut down options’ button, located to the right of the Shut down
button, provides access to a menu containing commands that perform actions such as
restarting the computer, putting the computer in a low-powered state, and shutting
down the computer. The commands available on your computer may differ.
Restart command closes open programs, shuts down Windows 7, and
then restarts Windows 7 and displays the Welcome screen.
Sleep command waits for Windows 7 to save your work and then turns off
the computer fans and hard disk. To wake the computer from the Sleep state, press
the power button or lift a notebook computer’s cover, and log on to the computer.
Shut down command shuts down and turns off the computer.
To Log On to the Computer
After starting Windows 7, you might need to log on to the computer. The following steps log on to the
computer based on a typical installation. You may need to ask your instructor how to log on to your computer.
This set of steps uses SC Series as the user name. The list of user names on your computer will be different.
Click the user icon (SC
Series, in this case) on
the Welcome screen
(shown in Figure 3
on the previous
page); depending
on settings, this
either will display a
password text box
(Figure 4) or will log
on to the computer
and display the
Windows 7 desktop.
text box
typed password
is masked for
Why do I not see a
user icon?
Your computer may
require you to type a
user name instead of
clicking an icon.
arrow button
What is a text box?
A text box is a
rectangular box in
which you type text.
Figure 4
Why does my screen not show a password text box?
Your account does not require a password.
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