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Formatting the Worksheet
To Assign Formats to Nonadjacent Ranges
The numbers in the range B13:H25 are to be formatted as follows:
1. Assign the Currency style with a l oating dollar sign to rows 13, 15, 18, 23, and 25.
2. Assign a Comma style to rows 14 and 19 through 22.
The following steps assign formats to the numbers in rows 13 through 25.
Home tab
Select the range
B13:H13 as the i rst
range to format.
While holding down
the CTRL key, select
the nonadjacent
ranges B15:H15,
B18:H18, B23:H23, and
B25:H25, and then
release the CTRL key
to select nonadjacent
sample of format
Currency style to appear
with two decimal places,
dollar sign, and negative
numbers in parentheses
Click the Format Cells:
Number Dialog Box
Launcher (Home tab |
Number group) to
display the Format
Cells dialog box.
OK button
Click Currency in the
Category list (Format
Cells dialog box), if
necessary select 2 in
the Decimal places
box, if necessary click $
in the Symbol list to
ensure a dollar sign
shows in the cells to
be formatted, and
click the black font color ($1,234.10) in the Negative numbers list to prepare the desired
Currency style for the selected ranges (Figure 3 – 41).
Figure 3 – 41
Why was the particular style chosen for the negative numbers?
In accounting, negative numbers often are shown with parentheses surrounding the value
rather than with a negative sign preceding the value. Thus, the format (1,234.10) in the
Negative numbers list was clicked. The data being used in this chapter contains no negative
numbers. You must select a format for negative numbers, however, and you must be
consistent if you are choosing different formats in a column; otherwise, the decimal points
may not line up.
Why is the Format Cells dialog box used to create the format for the ranges in this step?
The requirements for this worksheet call for a l oating dollar sign. To assign a Currency style
with a l oating dollar sign, use the Format Cells dialog box rather than the Accounting Style
button (Home tab | Number group), which assigns a i xed dollar sign.
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