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Formatting the Worksheet
To Assign Cell Styles to Nonadjacent Rows and Colors to a Cell
Toggle Commands
Many of the commands
on the Ribbon, on
the galleries, and the
shortcut keys function
as toggles. For example,
if you click the Freeze
Panes command on the
Freeze Panes gallery, the
command changes to
Unfreeze Panes the next
time you view the gallery.
These types of commands
work like on-off switches
or toggles.
The next step to improving the appearance of the worksheet is to format the
heading in row 12 and the totals in rows 15, 23, and 25. The following steps format the
heading in row 13 with the Heading 3 cell style and the totals in rows 15, 23, and 25 with
the Total cell style. Cell A13 also is formatted with a background color and font color.
Select the range A12:I12 and apply the Heading 3 cell style.
Select the range A15:I15 and while holding down the CTRL key, select the ranges A23:I23
and A25:I25.
Apply the Total cell style to the selected nonadjacent ranges.
Select cell A13, click the Fill Color button arrow (Home tab | Font group), and then click
the Purple, Accent 2, Darker 25% color (column 6, row 5) in the Fill Color gallery.
Click the Font Color button arrow (Home tab | Font group) and then click the White,
Background 1 color (column 1, row 1) in the Font Color gallery (Figure 3 – 46).
Work Days
Assume that you have
two dates, one in
cell A1 and the other in
cell A2. Assume further
that the date in cell A1
is your starting date
and the date in cell A2
is the ending date. To
calculate the work days
between the two dates
(excluding weekends), use
the following formula:
For this function to work,
make sure the Analysis
ToolPak add-in is installed.
You can install it on the
Add-Ins page of the Excel
Options dialog box.
font color and i ll
color changed
Heading 3 cell
style applied
The Fill and Font
Color Buttons
You may have noticed
that the color bar at the
bottom of the Fill Color
and Font Color buttons
(Home tab | Font group)
(Figure 3– 45) changes to
the most recently selected
color. To apply this same
color to a cell background
or text, select a cell and
then click the Fill Color
button to use the color as
a background or click the
Font Color button to use
the color as a font color.
Total cell style
Figure 3 – 46
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