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Formatting the Worksheet
To Copy a Cell’s Format Using the Format Painter Button
Using the Format Painter, you can format a cell quickly by copying a cell’s format to another cell or a range of
cells. The following steps format cells A15 and the range A25:I25 using the Format Painter.
Format Painter
Home tab
If necessary, click cell
A13 to select a source
cell for the format to
Double-click the
Format Painter
button (Home tab |
Clipboard group)
and then move the
mouse pointer onto
the worksheet to
cause the mouse
pointer to change
to a block plus sign
with a paintbrush
(Figure 3 – 47).
block plus sign with
paintbrush mouse
cell A13 selected
marquee is displayed
around cell A13
Figure 3 – 47
Click cell A15 to
assign the format
of the source cell,
A13 in this case,
to the destination
cell, A15 in this case
(Figure 3 – 48).
format of cell A13
copied to cell A15
Figure 3 – 48
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