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Adding a 3-D Pie Chart to the Workbook
To Draw a 3-D Pie Chart on a Separate Chart Sheet
The following steps draw the 3-D Pie chart on a separate chart sheet.
Insert tab
Select the range B12:G12 to identify
Pie button
the range of the category name of
the 3-D Pie Chart.
that row 25 is displayed, and while
holding down the CTRL key, select
the range B25:G25.
If necessary, scroll the worksheet so
Pie gallery
Display the Insert tab.
Charts group) to display the Pie
gallery (Figure 3 – 52).
Click the Pie button (Insert tab |
3-D Pie chart
Figure 3 –52
Chart Tools
Design tab
Move Chart button
Click Pie in 3-D chart in the Pie
gallery to select the desired chart
When Excel draws the chart, click
the Move Chart button (Chart Tools
Design tab | Location group) to
display the Move Chart dialog box
(Figure 3 – 53).
Move Chart
dialog box
New sheet
option button
New sheet name box
OK button
Figure 3 –53
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