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Adding a 3-D Pie Chart to the Workbook
Chart Tools
Layout tab
Data Labels button
Click the None Legend
option in the Legend
gallery to turn off the
legend on the chart.
Click the Data Labels
button (Layout tab |
Labels group) and
then click Outside
End in the Data
Labels gallery to
display data labels
outside the chart at
the end of each slice
(Figure 3 – 58).
legend no
longer is
Figure 3 –58
If necessary, right-
Format Data Labels
dialog box
click any data label
to select all of the
data labels on the
chart and to display a
shortcut menu.
Series Name
check box
Click the Format Data
Value check box
Labels command on
the shortcut menu to
display the Format
Data Labels dialog box.
check box
Category Name
check box
If necessary, click the
Series Name, Value,
and Show Leader Lines
check boxes to deselect
them (Format Data
Labels dialog box) and
then click the Category
Name and Percentage
check boxes to cause
the data labels to
be displayed with
category names and
percent values, rather
than currency values
(Figure 3 – 59).
data labels
Close button
Figure 3 –59
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