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Adding a 3-D Pie Chart to the Workbook
Chart Tools
Layout tab
Click the 3-D Rotation
Format Chart Area
dialog box
button (Chart
Tools Layout tab |
Background group)
to display the Format
Chart Area dialog box.
Click the Increase
X Rotation button in
the Rotation area of
the Format Chart Area
dialog box until the
X rotation is at 90°
to rotate the chart
(Figure 3 – 61).
Rotation area
Increase X
3-D Rotation
chart rotated
What happens as
I click the Increase
X Rotation button?
Excel rotates the chart
10° in a clockwise
direction each time
you click the Increase
X Rotation button.
The Y box in the
Rotation area allows
you to control the tilt,
or elevation, of the chart. You can tilt the chart towards or away
from your view in order to enhance the view of the chart.
Close button
Figure 3 – 61
Click the Close button
(Format Chart Area
dialog box) to close
the dialog box and
display the rotated
chart (Figure 3 – 62).
chart rotated to
show August slice
Figure 3 – 62
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