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Adding a 3-D Pie Chart to the Workbook
To Apply a 3-D Format to the Pie Chart
Excel allows you to apply dramatic 3-D visual effects to charts. The chart shown in Figure 3 – 62 could be
enhanced with a bevel along the top edge. A bevel is a curve that is applied to soften the appearance of a straight edge.
Excel also allows you to change the appearance of the material from which the surface of the chart appears to be constructed.
The following steps apply a bevel to the chart and change the surface of the chart to a softer-looking material.
Right-click the chart
to display a shortcut
menu and Mini
toolbar (Figure 3 – 63).
Mini toolbar
shortcut menu
Format Data Series
Figure 3 – 63
Format Data Series
dialog box
Click the Format Data
Series command on
the shortcut menu to
display the Format
Data Series dialog
box and then click the
3-D Format category
(Format Data Series
dialog box) on the
left side of the dialog
box to display the 3-D
Format panel.
Top bevel button
Circle bevel button
3-D Format
Click the Top button
(Format Data Series
dialog box) in the
Bevel area to display
the Bevel gallery
(Figure 3 – 64).
Figure 3 – 64
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