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Adding a 3-D Pie Chart to the Workbook
Click the Soft Edge
button (column 2,
row 2) in the Material
gallery and then click
the Close button
(Format Data Series
dialog box) to apply
the desired material
and close the Format
Data Series dialog box
(Figure 3 – 67).
soft edge is
on chart
Figure 3 – 67
To Explode the 3-D Pie Chart and Change the Color of a Slice
The next step is to emphasize the slice representing August by offsetting, or exploding, it from the rest of
the slices so that it stands out. The following steps explode the largest slice of the 3-D Pie chart and then change
its color.
Click the slice labeled
August twice (do
not double-click) to
select only one slice
of the 3-D Pie chart,
the August slice in
this case.
Mini toolbar
Right-click the slice
labeled August to
display a shortcut
menu and Mini
toolbar (Figure 3 – 68).
August slice
shortcut menu
Format Data
Point command
Figure 3 – 68
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