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Adding a 3-D Pie Chart to the Workbook
Format Data Point
dialog box
Click Format Data Point on the
shortcut menu to display the Format
Data Point dialog box.
Drag the Point Explosion slider
(Format Data Point dialog box) to
the right until the Point Explosion
box reads 28% to set how far the
slice in the 3-D Pie chart should be
offset from the rest of the chart
(Figure 3 – 69).
Point Explosion
box reads 28%
Should I offset more slices?
You can offset as many slices as you
want, but remember that the reason
for offsetting a slice is to emphasize
it. Offsetting multiple slices tends
to reduce the impact on the reader
and reduces the overall size of the
Pie chart.
Point Explosion
Figure 3 – 69
Click the Fill category (Format Data
Point dialog box) on the left side
of the dialog box to display the Fill
Click Solid i ll to display the Fill
Color area and then click the Color
button to display the Color gallery.
Click the Blue color in the Standard
Colors area of the color gallery and
then click the Close button (Format
Data Point dialog box) to change
the color of the selected slice and
close the dialog box (Figure 3 – 70).
August slice
exploded 28%
August slice color
changed to blue
Figure 3 –70
Other Ways
1. Right-click slice, click
Shape Fill Color button
arrow on Mini toolbar,
select color
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