Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Introduction to Microsoft Office 2010
Microsoft Ofi ce 2010 Programs
Microsoft Ofi ce 2010 includes a wide variety of programs such as Word,
PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook, Publisher, OneNote, InfoPath, SharePoint
Workspace, Communicator, and Web Apps:
Microsoft Word 2010
, or Word, is a full-featured word processing program that
allows you to create professional-looking documents and revise them easily.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
, or PowerPoint, is a complete presentation program
that allows you to produce professional-looking presentations.
Microsoft Excel 2010
, or Excel, is a powerful spreadsheet program that allows
you to organize data, complete calculations, make decisions, graph data, develop
professional-looking reports, publish organized data to the Web, and access real-time
data from Web sites.
Microsoft Access 2010
, or Access, is a database management system that allows
you to create a database; add, change, and delete data in the database; ask questions
concerning the data in the database; and create forms and reports using the data in
the database.
Microsoft Outlook 2010
, or Outlook, is a communications and scheduling program
that allows you to manage e-mail accounts, calendars, contacts, and access to other
Internet content.
Microsoft Publisher 2010
, or Publisher, is a desktop publishing program that helps
you create professional-quality publications and marketing materials that can be
shared easily.
Microsoft OneNote 2010
, or OneNote, is a note taking program that allows you to
store and share information in notebooks with other people.
Microsoft InfoPath 2010
, or InfoPath, is a form development program that helps
you create forms for use on the Web and gather data from these forms.
Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010
, or SharePoint, is collaboration software
that allows you access and revise i les stored on your computer from other locations.
Microsoft Communicator
is communications software that allows you to use
different modes of communications such as instant messaging, video conferencing,
and sharing i les and programs.
Microsoft Web Apps
is a Web application that allows you to edit and share i les on
the Web using the familiar Ofi ce interface.
Microsoft Ofi ce 2010 Suites
A suite is a collection of individual programs available together as a unit. Microsoft
offers a variety of Ofi ce suites. Table 2 lists the Ofi ce 2010 suites and their components.
Programs in a suite, such as Microsoft Ofi ce, typically use a similar interface
and share features. In addition, Microsoft Ofi ce programs use common dialog boxes
for performing actions such as opening and saving i les. Once you are comfortable
working with these elements and this interface and performing tasks in one program, the
similarity can help you apply the knowledge and skills you have learned to another Ofi ce
program(s). For example, the process for saving a i le in Word is the same in PowerPoint,
Excel, and the other Ofi ce programs. While briel y showing how to use several Ofi ce
programs, this chapter illustrates some of the common functions across the programs and
also identii es the characteristics unique to these programs.
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