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Renaming and Reordering the Sheets and Coloring their Tabs
To Reorder the Sheet Tabs
Change the order sheets in a workbook so that they appear with the most important worksheets i rst. The
following steps reorder the sheets so that the worksheet precedes the chart sheet in the workbook.
Drag the Six-Month
Financial Projection
tab to the left in front
of the 3-D Pie Chart
tab to rearrange the
sequence of the sheets
(Figure 3 – 73).
Six-Month Financial
Projection tab
moved to left of
3-D Pie Chart tab
Figure 3 –73
Other Ways
1. To move sheet, right-
click sheet tab, click
Move or Copy on
shortcut menu
To Check Spelling in Multiple Sheets
By default, the spell checker checks the spelling only in the selected sheets. It will
check all the cells in the selected sheets, unless you select a range of two or more cells.
Before checking the spelling, the following steps select both sheets in the workbook so
that both worksheets in the workbook are checked for spelling errors.
With the Six-Month Financial Projection sheet active, press CTRL + HOME to select cell A1.
Hold down the CTRL key and then click the 3-D Pie Chart tab to select multiple sheets.
Checking Spelling
Unless you i rst select a
range of cells or an object
before starting the spell
checker, Excel checks the
entire selected worksheet,
including all cell values,
cell comments, embedded
charts, text boxes, buttons,
and headers and footers.
Display the Review tab and then click the Spelling button (Review tab | Prooi ng group)
to check spelling in the selected sheets.
Correct any errors and then click the OK button (Spelling dialog box or Microsoft Excel
dialog box) when the spell check is complete.
Save the workbook.
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