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Starting and Using a Program
To Start a Program Using the Start Menu
Across the bottom of the Windows 7 desktop is the taskbar. The taskbar contains the Start button , which you
use to access programs, i les, folders, and settings on a computer. A folder is a named location on a storage medium
that usually contains related documents. The taskbar also displays a button for each program currently running
on a computer.
Clicking the Start button displays the Start menu. The Start menu allows you to access programs, folders,
and i les on the computer and contains commands that allow you to start programs, store and search for documents,
customize the computer, and obtain help about thousands of topics. A menu is a list of related items, including folders,
programs, and commands. Each command on a menu performs a specii c action, such as saving a i le or obtaining help.
The following steps, which assume Windows 7 is running, use the Start menu to start an Ofi ce program
based on a typical installation. You may need to ask your instructor how to start Ofi ce programs for your computer.
Although the steps illustrate starting the Word program, the steps to start any Ofi ce program are similar.
user icon
Click the Start button
on the Windows 7
taskbar to display
the Start menu
(Figure 6).
user name
Why does my Start
menu look different?
It may look different
depending on
your computer’s
coni guration.
The Start
menu may be
customized for several
reasons, such as usage
requirements or
security restrictions.
frequently used
programs list
All Programs
Shut down button
Shut down
options button
Start button
Figure 6
Click All Programs at the bottom
left pane
right pane
of the left pane on the Start menu
to display the All Programs list
(Figure 7).
What is a pane?
A pane is an area of a
window that displays
related content. For
example, the left pane on
the Start menu contains a list of
frequently used programs, as well
as the All Programs command.
Ofi ce
Why might my All Programs list
look different?
Most likely, the programs installed
on your computer will differ from
those shown in Figure 7. Your
All Programs list will show the
programs that are installed on
your computer.
clicking Back
button will close
All Programs list
Figure 7
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