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Starting and Using a Program
If the program you wish to start
is located in a folder, click or
scroll to and then click the folder
(Microsoft Ofi ce, in this case) in
the All Programs list to display a list
of the folder’s contents
(Figure 8).
Why is the Microsoft
Ofi ce folder on my computer?
During installation of Microsoft
Ofi ce 2010, the Microsoft Ofi ce
folder was added to the All
Programs list.
mouse pointer shape
changed to a hand
Ofi ce list
Microsoft Word
2010 command
Figure 8
Maximize button
title of blank document
is Document1
and then click, the
program name
(Microsoft Word 2010,
in this case) in the list
to start the selected
(Figure 9).
What happens when
you start a
Many programs
initially display a blank
document in a program
window, as shown
in the Word window
in Figure 9; others
provide a means for
you to create a blank
document. A window
is a rectangular area
that displays data and
information. The top of
a window has a title bar ,
which is a horizontal
space that contains the
window’s name.
Click, or scroll to
title bar
Close button closes
an open window
blank document
pinned program
buttons always
appear on taskbar
Windows taskbar
displays Word
program button,
indicating Word
is running
Figure 9
Why is my program window a different size?
The Word window shown in Figure 9 is not maximized. Your Word window already may be
maximized. The next steps maximize a window.
Other Ways
1. Double-click program
icon on desktop, if one
is present
2. Click program name in
left pane of Start menu,
if present
3. Display Start menu, type
program name in search
box, click program name
4. Double-click i le created
using program you want
to start
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