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Starting and Using a Program
To Maximize a Window
Sometimes content is not visible completely in a window. One method of displaying the entire contents of a
window is to maximize it, or enlarge the window so that it i lls the entire screen. The following step maximizes the
Word window; however, any Ofi ce program’s window can be maximized using this step.
Close button
If the program
window is not
maximized already,
click the Maximize
button (shown in
Figure 9 on the
previous page) next to
the Close button on
the window’s title bar
(the Word window
title bar, in this case)
to maximize the
window (Figure 10).
Maximize button
changed to Restore
Down button
What happened to
the Maximize button?
It changed to a Restore
Down button, which
you can use to return a
window to its size and
location before you
maximized it.
How do I know
whether a window is
A window is
maximized if it i lls the
entire display area and the Restore Down button is displayed on the title bar.
Figure 10
Other Ways
1. Double-click title bar
2. Drag title bar to top
of screen
The Word Document Window, Ribbon, and Elements
Common to Ofi ce Programs
The Word window consists of a variety of components to make your work more
efi cient and documents more professional. These include the document window, Ribbon,
Mini toolbar, shortcut menus, and Quick Access Toolbar. Most of these components are
common to other Microsoft Ofi ce 2010 programs; others are unique to Word.
You view a portion of a document on the screen through a document window
(Figure 11). The default (preset) view is Print Layout view , which shows the document
on a mock sheet of paper in the document window.
Scroll Bars You use a scroll bar to display different portions of a document in the
document window. At the right edge of the document window is a vertical scroll bar. If a
document is too wide to i t in the document window, a horizontal scroll bar also appears at
the bottom of the document window. On a scroll bar, the position of the scroll box rel ects
the location of the portion of the document that is displayed in the document window.
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